Christophe HÉNIN Art
Comic Book Artist, Illustrator, CAD, Designer
Here are some books and pruducts available on sale, don't hesitate to contact me for further informations (shipping costs, deadlines...).

The signing and personnal sketch is offered ! :) 
Illustrations on order (Commissions) 
You can order an original illustration:
Pencil, ink, traditional color, digital painting ...
A5-A4-A3-A2 or other formats.
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"Semaine entre Potes"
(Week between Friends)

A group of friends in their thirties meets in one of them, for a week, twice a year.

Program: role playing game, video games, role playing games, big kidding, meals 'dietetic', role playing games, shopping at the supermarket... and a lot of gaffes and blunders... not counting the blows of "bad luck"...

The jokes, good humor, role play and excitement batches lead to comical and hilarious situations... mostly from a true story!

Issue 1: A4 size, color, 56 pages, soft cover: €12 + shipping costs

Issue 2: A4 size, color, 66 pages, soft cover: €15 + shipping costs
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"Comics & Illustrations" Sketchbook : 

In this Sketchbook, I introduce you my works another way, and let you come in backstage...
From one side, you'll find explainations about Comic Books creating process, writings, storyboards, sketches, inkings, colors, and also exclusive content, technical explainations, about my last Comic Books ("The Guardian of the Republic", "Week between Friends", "Mathilda", "The French Crow", and so on...).
And by the other side, some illustrations from books,
serials, role playing games players handbooks, posters, commissions...
Also with my personal comments about the creation of these pics...
A funny and instructive way to discover how to create univers, both technicaly and artisticly way.
Size 16,5x24 cm, 40 pages, soft cover: €10 + shipping costs 
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"The Guardian of the Republic"

Super hero Comic book.
Character created by Terry Stillborn.

The French Super Hero takes office, and will be confronted with the "reason of state"...
Issue#2: €8,50 + shipping costs
Issue#5: €8,50 + shipping costs
Issue#6: €9,00 + shipping costs
Issue#15: €12,50 + shipping costs

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→ See the Facebook page of the Guardian of the Republic / Issue Order
"The Explorer"

A Book you play! 

Special offer: €10 + shipping costs

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"Starvel & Prints"

5 cards of your choice (15x20cm) + 1 personnal sketch: €10 + shipping costs 

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