Christophe HÉNIN Art
Comic Book Artist, Illustrator, CAD, Designer
Projects completed during my studies in BTS ACI Product Design (1999-2001).
New concept and restyling of camping gas "Bleuet 212".

Cartridge easy click and standard burner. Optimized space concept:
- Wasting space limitation and easy storage in a backpack.
- Deletion of "arms" replaced by a cap based integrated flat. 
Restyling of camping gas "Bleuet 212".  
Cartridge and Standard burner.
Re-design of the "pierces cartridge" and "arm". 
Designing an office stapler.

Chromed metal and elastomer.
Concept of ease of use:
- Elastomer use in soft touch.
- High capacity refills staples.
- Force development system for easy stapling
(long "branches" for greater lever arm).
Research sketches for table cutlery.
Injected polypropylene sleeves.
Cutlery, range of colors.

Concept of "everyday luxury" through use of "rings" of colors, tranparents thermoplastic and stainless steel.
Chrome effect treatment for the effects of reflections and refractions of light.
Fountain waters for bar specializing in mineral waters.
(Work with students in interior architecture for harmonization of concepts).

Using metal for integration with the interior architecture of the bar.
Two bubble colones for the dynamism of the ensemble and creating movement.
Tricycle for children 1 to 3 years.

Concept "development of the child":
- Use of bright colors to develop the sense of sight of the child.
- Use of different types of plastic injected, such elastomers to awaken their sense of touch.
- Implementation of various sound elements for his sense of hearing and spatial perception.
- Respect of the specifications for the overall security of the object.
Research Sketch for a prototype of urban vehicle with three wheels.
The vehicle must not exceed 3.50 m long and 1, 70 m wide... must be able to accommodate four adults...
...have the equipment necessary for the approval... practical to use and comfortable to use...
...and able to attract a wide range of users (age, sex, socio-professional category...)...
...while remaining financially more affordable...