Christophe HÉNIN Art
Comic Book Artist, Illustrator, CAD, Designer
Boards and sketches from "Semaine entre Potes"
"Semaine entre Potes"

A group of friends in their thirties meets in one of them for a week, twice a year. Program: role playing games, video games, role playing games, big kidding, "diet" meals, role playing games, shopping at the supermarket... and a lot of gaffes and blunders... not counting the blows of "bad luck"... 
Week of February. Pals from Orléans, Nice, Lyon, Roanne... meet eachother during one week twice a year in St-Étienne in one of them for a "Week between Friends". They expect that with great anticipation...
But before the reunion, there is the departure: preparing suitcases, do not forget anything for role playing games... and then the ride itself... first galley of a busy week in "loose". Between ... a train blocked by snow, a train on the wrong dock, missed connection and a descent to the wrong station, our group begins long stay! And it is then installed in the apartment, which quickly turns into real squat!

A good diet meals based on pizzas barely submerged, and that's the first part of role play, which begins the first... "Looses" are not made to wait, making memorable part while putting avatars our heroes in very bad postures...
Never mind, part of video games to recover -it both loaded and déveine- day ends... late at night... very late... see early the next morning! But no matter, this week is their week, our friends are fully intend to enjoy it thoroughly!
The jokes, good humor, role play and excitement batches lead to comical and hilarious situations... mostly from a true story!
A4, paperback, €12, please feel free to contact me! 
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